Earthz Pet is proudly sourced from sustainable New Zealand ingredients and manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Earthz Pet Vitality Gravy recipe has been developed so you can use it with any good quality dry pet food. It is best at room temperature and poured directly over the dry dog food.

The recipe has been developed with a number of reputable sources. Massey University helped us set up the first recipe and aided in making the gravy easy to add to a pets’ diet without any adverse effects.

The answer is both! Your pet should love the taste and enjoy their food more than before. Additionally, your pet is getting new supplements in their diet which will assist in a heathier longer-term vitality.

The size has been developed to use in one serve. However, you can refrigerate once opened and use the left overs the next day. If possible, let the gravy come up to room temperature to make the taste optimal. Or add a little warm water if you want before pouring.

Yes of course. The product has been made so that it can be added as a daily part of your pets’ diet. Daily use is best for the longer-term nutraceutical benefits to count.

The amount of nutraceutical in each serve is designed to help as preventative health. The small amounts help build up longer term benefits. Nutraceuticals such as green lip mussel extract have proven useful in battling the onset of arthritis in your pet. All our Nutraceuticals are NZ grown and sustainably harvested.

We have tried to be as responsible as we can. We use HDPE (recycle logo 2) as this can be recycled many times in all developed countries. We deliberately decided to not have a screw cap closure so we could reduce our plastic use by over 25%.

We aim to have the product available in all good supermarkets, pet shops and online retailers.